After a hectic 2010 we are now enjoying a slower pace of life in 2011 concentrating on Dominics on going therapy and ensuring all the right support, people and schooling are in place to give him the best possible chance to maximise his potential in all areas of his life and care. We cannot thank everyone who has been part of our journey so far and shown our family so much love and support.  We continue to receive amazing support from not only friends and family but also our local community and strangers for which we are so grateful.
We are starting to put in place some more fundraising to ensure there are sufficient funds to go towards helping us fund the following aspects of Dominics ongoing care, treatment and equipment:

Intensive physical therapy – In order to keep Dominic’s muscles healthy, strong, pain free and prevent future surgeries he requires weekly access to several forms of physical therapy all of which is privately funded. The therapies we access include Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, horse riding and Occupational therapy.  Dominic will also be attending 2 lots of Footsteps intensive 3 week programme a year.(  Each of these sessions requires hiring venues, hydrotherapy pools and private therapists.
Return trips to St Louis – We are required to return to St Louis every year for 2 years so he can be monitored by Dr Park. These visits incur flight and hotel costs fro Dominic , Gary & Sarah.
Manual Wheelchair – Due to the complexity of Dominics physical disabilities and that all his limbs are affected it is very difficult to find the right equipment for him that is both supportive and safe but also gives him the freedom to be as independent as he is showing the desire to be.  This unfortunately means sourcing equipment outside of stock NHS items and purchasing them privately

 Bicycle – Dominic has now outgrown his special needs Trike and needs the next size up.  He loves riding his bike and is one thing Joshua and him can do together.  It is excellent exercise for him as well!

Any ideas on fundraising will be gratefully received, do please check in on here for the latest news on Dominics progress and also on his facebook group – Dominics fund.

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  1. Leonie says:

    The very best of luck to you all xxx

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