Edge, Lipstick and “K”’s Zip World Velocity Challenge

Zip World Velocity

Hi Everyone!!

We have decided to face our fears and raise money for Edge’s next door neighbour “Dominic”, and his family, with their current project a “Hydrotherapy pool” click on the link which is Dominic’s website: http://dominicsfund.co.uk

Our challenge is on 19th September at 3pm where we will ride “Velocity” Europe’s longest and fastest zip-line!! , which is 1 mile long, reaches speeds of up to 100mph whilst 700ft high… Link to site: http://www.zipworld.co.uk

Lots of people have said to us “That looks great, you guys must be really excited!!” …. Well trust us when we say we didn’t like the ghost train at the end of the Brighton Pier… So, this will be interesting!! zip challenge

We have a USB for this zip wire trip and will ensure that everyone gets to see the view on the way down and hear the screams/ laughter!! As well as many other photo’s that we take during our whole journey J

Sorry, for this specific fund raising I unable to set up a gift aid account… So, to donate you can either go to www.paypal.com and send to dominicsfund@gmail.com or pass your donation to us and we will ensure that this is added to fund pot. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any contributes you have made, all donations will significantly help the family to support Dominic and his future.

Kind regards

Edge, Lipstick and “K”!!

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