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After a hectic 2010 we are now enjoying a slower pace of life in 2011 concentrating on Dominics on going therapy and ensuring all the right support, people and schooling are in place to give him the best possible chance to maximise his potential in all areas of his life and care. We cannot thank everyone who has been part of our journey so far and shown our family so much love and support.  We continue to receive amazing support from not only friends and family but also our local community and strangers for which we are so grateful.
We are starting to put in place some more fundraising to ensure there are sufficient funds to go towards helping us fund the following aspects of Dominics ongoing care and treatment:

Intensive Physio – Dominic requires 5 sessions of some from of physical therapy 5 times a week all of which is privately paid for by us, The type of therapies we are using are physio, hydrotherapy, horse riding, Footsteps intensive 3 week programme. All these are done privately as we only have one NHS physio session a fortnight given to us.  This therpay requires hiring venues, hydrotherpy pools and private therapists.
Special needs Trike – Dominic has now outgrown his first trike and we are looking to replace it.  Riding his bike provides a valuable part of his therapy and is something he can do with the whole family (well perhaps not mummy!)

Any ideas on fundraising will be gratefully received, do please check in on here for the latest news on Dominics progress and also on his facebook group – Dominics fund.

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