8 Weeks post op – first steps..

For all those of you that have supported Dominic get to America, today was one of those days where you get to see where your money went and how all the effort and every penny donated has made such a difference to Doms life. He walked with his new walker today weightbearing himself and loved every minute. If he can do this 8 weeks post op it is very exciting to wonder where he will be in a years time. Lots of strengthening to do but an amazing effort for his first time. Big thank you to Robyn who is putting so much time into helping Dominic it would have been a very scary ride without her by our side.  Thank you everyone been a very special day for us x

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2 Responses to 8 Weeks post op – first steps..

  1. Aimee Wiggins says:

    Oh Sarah- that is just amazing! Well done Dominic- so happy for you guys. You certainly made the right decision by having SDR eh? His speech is also fab. Take care, Aimee x

  2. Really amazing, the smiles on his face say everything, bet yours are even bigger. Well done Dominic. xxxxxxxx

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