Time to kick off the Fundraising again

Now we have settled back in to normal life we need to focus our attention of arranging some more fundraising events.  We did really well raising the amount we did to get us to America but unfortunately the costs do not stop there.  As much as we would like to just be able to provide everything that Dominic needs we just are unable to do so.  We are now raising funds for the following items:

  • Post op aftercare – Private physio & Hydro therapy sessions and the hire of a warm swimming pool or hydro pool – anyone that knows of a clean warm pool we can use please let us know!
  • Equipment – in the St Louis hospital a total gym was used to help strengthen Dom’s legs. If anyone has any contacts in the fitness world do please get in touch in case there is a gym we can use or to help raise funds for a total gym at home.  We are currently using an alternative form of leg press involving wood flooring and our legs, kindly devised by Jack & Robyn!
  • Electric Swivel Car seat – Due to Gary’s bad back we are struggling to get Dom in and out of the car.  To alleviate this we need to upgrade our Motobility car and then get adaptations made to fit this amazing car seat that lowers down so Dom can step onto it and then it swivels and slots back into the back seat – All this will cost at least £8k.
  • Power wheelchair – Despite Doms op he will still need a Power wheelchair to get around.  We are still hopeful that he will be able to use a walker within the home or classroom but for longer distances to have any form of independence he will need to be in a chair.  After researching all the options the most suitable one for Dom is approx £18k.  This should last him right through primary school so you do get your moneys’ worth!

So as you can see we have our work cut out for us.  Any suggestions or offers of help would be greatly appreciated.  By popular demand we will be having another quiz night if Pete agrees to doing one and we are looking for a higher and more challenging venue for another abseil, can be anywhere in London or West Sussex any ideas welcome!  We have a beer tasting event planned and a poker night and this Saturday we have a stand at the East Grinstead Me, Baby & toddler show where we will be raffling off a Plan Toy Eco dolls house with Furniture for £5 per ticket and runner up prize of £50 Clever cloggs voucher.  The dolls house and stand has been kindly donated to us by T4Toys which is a fantastci independent toyshop in East Grinstead, they have also arranged this annual popular event www.mbtshow.co.uk  So anyone that is in West Sussex do come along and see us on the stand will be lovely to see you there.

Thank you for your continued support for Dominic!

Gary & Sarah

You can contact us at dominicsfund@gmail.com or by calling 07736176535

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