And the Beat Goes On – By Gary

As the old cliche goes as one chapter ends another unfolds. It has been an amazing six weeks and it seems surreal that tomorrow I have to go back to work. It has been awesome both in what we have been through and in the fact that really how often do you get to spend six un-interrupted weeks with your wife and kids. Although at times it has driven me mad it has also been truly great it has been far easier than I thought it would be. They are both good boys once you get past the tantrums and tears and for the last few days we have had such a laugh its unbelievable ( even with Joshy being a bit ill ). Sarah has been fantastic in organising everything and my role has been relatively easy.

In particular I have managed to get away with doing absolutely nothing for the past few days apart from having fun with the boys, watching football , Judge Judy and drinking beer, and the odd bit of ironing so no matter how much I complain I know that really I am quite lucky.

What I did find totally mind blowing was that Dr Park sent us a message via Facebook. I mean how many Neuro Surgeons in the UK would do that !!!!! What a man !!

Dominic had a great time at school and they seem so positive and willing to take on anything that we both feel fantastically optimistic about him there. Also met some of the other parents who seem very nice.

This weekend we had a couple of long bike rides and met loads of people around the town who had seen Dominic in the paper either before or after the Op or who had donated money. Again the goodwill and the spirit of community and helping one of their own just moves you so much we are really glad we moved here.

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