There’s no place like Home – By Gary

The flight home was largely uneventful and both boys got a bit of sleep. Never would I have ever thought I would be looking forward to seeing the dull and dreary skies of Blighty !! Actually we returned to glorious sunshine and it was quite a nice day and almost as warm as the 80 degrees when we left St Louis. Still it was good to be back in the UK even with the chaos that is Heathrow and the queues of traffic on the M25. Sue was a star and arranged for our car to be at the airport so that was great. When we actually arrived home the boys were very excited (as were we) !! Its not that the US was bad in fact all the people we met were very friendly, extremely polite, just nice people. The service everywhere we  went was fantastic (apart from the stroppy barmaid in our hotel funny enough!!). The streets were clean wherever you went, the facilities and attractions excellent and most of them free !!  The facilities in the hospital were absolutely amazing and the staff so helpful, attentive, courteous and just kind that you felt sorry for their poor NHS counterparts we have encountered in the past and will encounter again .  The hotel room was spacious and had all mod cons and the staff in the hotel in the main great. Still despite all that there is nothing which can beat being in your own home, so it was great to arrive.

Dominic seems to have got straight back onto the clock, in fact for the first few days both boys were sleeping until 930 in the morning, however now Joshua has taken to waking up at 300 in the morning and wanting to get up saying “Its not night time”. He also seems very worried each time Sarah leaves him as if he thinks we might be going away and leaving him again !! Sarah and I also cant seem to shake off the jet lag entirely and although I have been getting lots of sleep feel continually tired and drained.

Dominic has gone back to Ingfield and they appeared impressed with the changes in Dominic since the Op. He loved going back to school and seeing Roger and Ramona and all his friends at school. He has had some physio at home since we came back and we have been doing his stretching and getting him in his stander, walker and bike as much as possible. It is early days but he is getting stronger already and he managed a couple of faltering steps on the walker already which would have been unthinkable before.  He is now eating well and looking forward to going to St Mary’s tomorrow.

Although the Op is out of the way there are still loads of things to sort out such as a wheel chair, a new seat for his car (or a new car), a power wheel chair, direct payments, numerous appointments with various specialists and we are both due to return to work soon.  It has all been exhausting and there will be no let up it seems but it has all been well worth it.

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