2 more sleeps & home time!!

We have a had a long and frustrating weekend.  It has been labor day weekend here in St Louis which meant no Physio for 3 days.  I have been really bad with the weekends here since we came out and get very frustrated because there are no physio sessions.  Yes it is nice to have down time but not after 4 weeks and to have a long 3 day weekend the week we go has been very frustrating but we have kept up with the physio at home and his stretches and the physio Dept did lend us the bike for the weekend so we have pretty much kept him in it for 3 days!  We said goodbye to Robyn and Auntie Ness Noss & Gary on Saturday which was sad but has been great to have so many visitors as it has helped break up the trip.  Dr Park and his team were so accomodating with Robyn and she had some very honest conversations with Joan and Dr Park and it was the icing on the cake for her to witness a surgery so close on Friday that she was nearer the patient than the anethestist I think!  It really helped having her here as not only did Dom get extra physio at home but we could get a clear plan of action together about what we need to achieve over the coming months and what kit we need.  It was also reassuring to have a professional confirm that you have made the right decision and for her to see that this is a superb surgery for the right child and weighed up against the benefits, having seen a surgery first hand is relatively risk free except for the obvious risks of any operation with a GA.  We miss dobbin a lot and are really grateful to Steve, Abbie & Jack for lending her to us for a week especially on first week of school. 

Anyway we took the boys swimming today again and Dom stayed on his back kicking beautifully for ages all by himself!!  He was soo pleased with himself.  He would never have been able to do this before SDR as he would have tensed and rolled over onto his front face down.  So not only was he kicking but working on that trunk control to stay balanced.  Really looking forward to getting into a warm pool though!.

It only took 5 weeks but Gary and I finally managed a night out on our own tonight thanks to Gary’s mum babysitting.  We had a lovely dinner and was great to be on our own to talk through the last few weeks and laugh about our boys and some of the wonderful changes we have seen in them both during this trip.  They are both going back with more vocabulary, confidence and addiction to cheese, apple juice and chocolate brownies.  I personally cannot wait to go home and not have cheese put on absolutely everything!  I just want some salad or veg with NO CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

We have our final physio session tomorrow with Lorie which will be sad.  It is also her last day at the hospital so a shame some of the other families wont get chance to work with her.  She has been great with Dom.  The session will be filmed for their records and all his post op measurements will be done which will be interesting to see.  I will endeavour to update the blog tomorrow with the outcome but you may not hear from us until we get home on Thursday.  We will try and keep the blog updated over the coming months but this will obvisouly become less frequent as we get back into normal life but a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit our site over the past few weeks and read how we have been doing it has been lovely to see how many people care and are interested in how Dominic got through it all.  Thanks for watching!! xxx

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