And Then There Were Five – By Gary

The last few days have been really good as Dominic responded really to Robyn being around and started eating, really working hard in physio and Robyn was doing physio with him at home whilst he played and he had a great time. Josh has also been very funny as on occasions he cannot seem to manage more than three steps without walking into something or falling over. His speech is coming on really well and he has the energy of around three kids but hey ho cant complain. Robyn, Vanessa and Gary have all been great with the boys and good fun to be around for us too. It has really helped break up the stay by having people come over to us and it has not seemed like six weeks at all. Robyn was treated very well by all at the hospital and really seemed to enjoy herself get a lot from and contribute a lot to the sessions and things like looking at equipment. She also likes to shop so Sarah obviously had to take her to some of the Malls. Dr Park also arranged for her to see a Rhizotomy surgery which she said was amazing.

We met with Dr Park this week and that was very positive about Dominic , although he was slightly cheesed that the Dr’s in the UK appear to doubt his credentials and he reeled off a long list of qualifications, boards he sits on and publications he has written in. But for a very clever and very busy man he soon came back down to earth and posed for some lovely photos with Dominic. He did state we will have to come back next year for him to review Dominic but it wont be for so long next time.

As some leave though others arrive and my mum came back from Miami on Thursday and is with us until we return home. So it is now the five of us and only four more days (two more sessions of physio) then back to the UK.

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