Dominic’s flying high!!

Good day today.  Dominic had a great physio session this morning with Lori and Robyn.  He worked really hard on his treadmill in his new lighting up Buzz lightyear trainers and did some good sitting and throwing balls.  Has been great having our Physio ‘Dobbin’ (josh’s version of her name) here, poor thing I am having a field day having her 24/7 to bounce ideas and questions off her rather than cramming it all into a 1 hour appt.  Dobbin got to see Joan Pugsli after therapy today to get more of an insight into the process here but I think Joan had as many if not more questions for her, so from what i gather it was a very productive chat.  We whizzed back to the hotel to pick up Josh, Gary and Ness and her Gary and we went off to go on our helicopter ride.  Ness and I went up with the boys in the copter.  Dom loved it especially the headphones and microphone.  I think he deafened the pilot with his singing.  One of the most obvious changes since the op was his fluency with his speaking.  He has figured out that it is now so much easier to speak and get his words out that he does not shut up now and is constantly singing or coming out with really complicated sentences.  The Gary’s and Dobbin then went up the arch in the tiniest of pods to get a birds eye view of St Louis.  We found a great restaurant for a late lazy lunch and then came home for a swim.  All in all a very positive good day with lots of ideas and plans whirling around our heads!  Tomorrow we see Dr Park for our follow up appt so will be interesting to see what he thinks about Dominics recovery.  Can’t believe we come home a week tomorrow.  Will be lovely to have our own home back, get our stuff out of storage from when we had the adaptations done and start living in our new home and Dominic is so excited to be starting St Mary’s, so a very exciting time ahead.  Have attached a couple of photos from the past couple of days xx

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