Post Op Days 15, 16 & 17

Sorry not done a blog for a couple of days had a couple of late nights.. Dom been doing OK.  Still struggling with the eating but he tried harder in Physio on Friday when he went with Gary after a disasterous session on Thursday.  The strength in his legs is slowly building but will need a lot of patience and fun exercise to get them to a point that he can weight bear.  We had an early session on Friday so Dom took Ruby on a hot date to the Magic house which was great and we all parents included had a fab time.  Paula (Ruby’s Mum) was enjoying playing cashier in the toy supermarket a bit too much!!  We then all had dinner out with Paula and her family which Dominic managed to miss the entire thing as he fell asleep on the way there! 

Saturday we had a quiet day and went to the Farmers market here which was huge and brought loads of yummy fruit I had to carry the two most enormous watermelons to the car – I felt like I was in Dirty Dancing!  We then picked up our latest visitor, the wonderful Robyn from the airport.  Within an hour of arriving she had managed to get Dom to eat a plate of spaghetti and 2 chocolate puddings.  That in itself was worth her being here in that one hour.  Gary , Ruby’s dad and Carlton the shuttle driver here escaped last night and went to a Cameo concert here in locally.  Don’t ask me I think they were way before my time  but evidently they were quite big in their day and sang ‘Word Up’ amongst others.  I finally let Robyn go to bed at 10pm and then at half past midnight all hell broke lose, and you have never heard such loud fire alarms in your life!  Got Dom into his buggy and had to wake Josh up!!! He is such a teenager how he slept through that noise I have no idea.  So we all had to evacuate the hotel in our PJs, Josh got to see a real nee naw and Robyn, Paula and I got to look at some firemen for an hour.  Gary and Andy rocked up more than worse for wear from the concert just as we were making our way back up to our rooms.  Knights in shining armour I am not so sure!  Poor Robyn didn’t know what was going on.  She was so tired bless her.  I think she spent a few minutes bashing the alarm clock next to her bed before she realised that it was not morning and time for work but the middle of the night.

Today we went to the festival of Nations in a local park which was hot busy but cool.  Food from every country to sample and then we went to cool off in the fountains on the way home.  We have just had dinner with a couple of other UK families that are also here for SDR but staying at a different hotel.  Really lovely people and interesting to hear other stories and experiences. Very enjoyable day!  Back to work tomorrow off to buy new shoes for his new splints and then Appt with a wheelchair company and then physio and of course the arrival of Auntie Ness Noss and Gary  which dom is very excited about.  He has been really good wearing his new Arm splint  and the difference to the positioning of his right wrist is great he has even been sucking that thumb and he couldn’t even get the his right fingers near his mouth before the op.  Will do some updated Physio vids this week, keep the messages coming Dom really loves us reading them out ! Cannot believe it is our last full week here xx 

PS big thank you to Grandpa John and Grandpops for spendign the day painting our cupboards at home and also Happy Birthday Daddy (my Daddy) for Tuesday will call you on the day., We all love you lots and hope you have a great day! x

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1 Response to Post Op Days 15, 16 & 17

  1. Pete< Sarah Thomas and Lucy says:

    Great news…things looking up then. I also dont know who Cameo are…way before my time ;-). Youll be home before you know it. Sarah..have had the bill through from Ben M. Shall I send it through to your Mum???? Does she have the power (Was that a Cameo song??!!)
    I hope youre all doing well..and we cant wait to see you back here

    P S T & L x

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