More Fun in St Louis

We picked up a hire car yesterday and I now have the freedom of the roads of St Louis. The car is great to drive automatic, very smooth and the price of petrol is $2.19 per gallon. I think in the UK we pay about £13.00 or roughly $17.00. So far not been any problems apart from the usual problems in finding a reliable navigator and having two whining children in the back. ( They were OK when we were taking the shuttle bus !!!!!????) Also took me ages to work out how to use the petrol pump but at those prices didn’t mind taking my time . It is not all bad as it gives us a lot more freedom and managed to go to a big Mall yesterday and took my mum to the airport today.

Dom had physio again today and had a pretty bad session as he did not want to work. I was not there but it must have been bad as even Mad Mike apparently got fed up with him. We both know it is a long road ahead but feel that these sessions are so important and get a bit disappointed when he doesnt work hard in physio. We also tried him swimming yesterday which would be great for him and normally he loves it but the pool is too cold and he gets freezing after a few minutes so unfortunately that is out for the rest of the holiday unless we find a heated pool. After physio we went out for the day and had a pretty OK day but it is just so HOT it is hard to find things to do. Even so Josh has been hilarious his speech is coming on. He is our IT guru and can work anything electrical and he has the energy of about 10 kids. Dom has physio in the morning followed by a hot date tomorrow with his girlfriend Ruby so should be another fun day.

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1 Response to More Fun in St Louis

  1. Pete< Sarah Thomas and Lucy says:

    Hello all of you!!

    Sarah the Ramada Airport North hotel has a heated outdoor pool. Do you want me to see if you can use it? Or do you want to make enquiries your end??
    If you want I can find out who else has heated pools??

    Let me know…shame he cant use the one at the hospital. Its gonna be a long road, but were all with you encouraging! LOve to you all. itouch arrived back to me today so will arrange delivery

    Speak soon


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