Post Op Day 13

Dom finally managed to get in the pool today.  The water was really cold so he didn’t last very long.  He has lost quite a bit of weight since his op so I think he felt the cold more than we expected.  This made him tense up a bit in the water.  He did well though with his eating today and managed to get some lunch in him before his Physio this afternoon.  He worked really hard for Lori today.  She got him in the harness again over the treadmill and he did some kicking the football as he was stepping on there and kept saying each kick was a goal for Omari ( his cousin!).  He then walked in the harness to the bike and had a quick bike ride to the roof garden.  We had a long swim with the boys when we got back so we are a bit whacked tonight so early to bed for us all!  Have a safe flight Ness Noss and Gary Rose see you soon! xx

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2 Responses to Post Op Day 13

  1. Good to see mum and catch up on all the happenings. Great to hear that Dominic is starting to eat again and trying so hard on all the equipment.

    Hope you had a good sleep – not to many interuptions!

    With love Anne and Julian

  2. Hi Anne & Julian
    Thanks for all your comments they have been great and really appreciate your support. Dom been doing really well and walked loads today in his special harness contraption he even attempted to run when trying to chase me. Gary’s mum is off to Miami tomorrow for a week to see some relatives so we will finally have some family time just the four of us before our next visitor arrives on Saturday. Can’t wait to have the boys to myself. Has been lovely to have everyones support here but also nice to be just us for a little. – Not too long though mind!! means Gary and I actually have to speak to each other!!! Lots of love Sarah xx

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