Post Op Day 12

Had pretty quiet day today, I had a migraine so stayed in bed all day and Gary and Mum took charge.  Dom has been doing some great sitting and is asking to sit up on the floor which is great to hear him want to do more.  We had a late physio today at 5pm with Mad Mike and Dominic worked really hard.  We got introduced to the total gym which he did reaslly well considering his first time.  His quads are practically non existent so I think this piece of kit is going to be vital for Dom to build up his muscles.  Until there is more power in his quads, his standing, walking and moving from sit to stand will be impacted.  Mr J how about your next challenge being finding us a total gym!!! Good news though he can swim from tomorrow so first thing we will get him down into the pool and see how he goes.  He has physio at 2pm so don’t want to tire him out but not sure we can keep him out of there any longer.  Again I think because he enjoys it so much swimming is going to be a key part of his post op physio programme so if anyone knows of any hydrotherapists out there that fancy some weekend private work and any ideas of some warm pools near us then please let us know!  Have posted a couple of vids of Josh playing in the fountains yesterday and also Dom on the total gym doing his leg presses with his little chicken legs as Gary has taken to calling them!

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2 Responses to Post Op Day 12

  1. Pete< Sarah Thomas and Lucy says:

    Total Gym? leave it with me!!! Great to see him doing so well.. Were just back from Wales, so have internet access again!!
    Love to all xxxxx

  2. Knew you would take up the challenge! How about a treadmill as well that will go as low as 0.1kph and has a double hand rail one low enough for kids. SportsArtT650m is used here but are about $8k so may need to get a normal one if goes slow enough and adapt it a little! Hope you had a good holiday will skype you all tomorrow if youa re around after work and catch up. Love to you all xx

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