A Quiet Day – By Gary

Today was a more relaxing day. We had no therapy today and as Sue was leaving we took it easy in the morning. It was sad to see her go as although she is a dedicated sun worshipper and has to have her daily quota she is excellent with the boys and not too bad company ( for a mother in law !!!). We had a walk around Union Square, then went to the fountains which are great fun even though I didn’t go in. Came home, had dinner then a few drinks with the departing family. Both the boys stayed up and had great fun as all the other kids were around. Back to work on physio tomorrow and more exercises. Even weak though Domininc’s sitting has improved amazingly and he sat for about 20 minutes unaided which would have been unthinkable before the Op. His speech has also improved although now sometimes it is hard to shut him up !!

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1 Response to A Quiet Day – By Gary

  1. cinzia and adam says:

    Hi Sarah and Gary,
    Just to let you know we are so pleased everything is going well. We read your blog every day, and watch your videos. You must be so proud of Dominic!! Keep going!! Lots and lots of love

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