Post op Day 8 & 9 – Joshie has landed!

Not done a blog for a couple of days as we have been getting accustomed to having 2 kids again!  Friday we had a quiet day in the hotel preparing for the arrival of Joshua and Rachel (mum in law also referred to as Mum going forward).  I don’t think I allowed myself to think about Josh for the past 2 weeks so when Friday came I couldn’t stop thinking about him and was so excited to have him with me again!  We made the decision that I would go to the airport and my mum would go to Physio with Dom as they clashed.  Dom did really well at Physio and was in a better mood from Thursday when he screamed through the whole session.  He did some walking on the treadmill and then again on the red bike which he loves.  It is really going to help that he has one at home and really loves going on it.  It is a going to be a key part of his rehab when he gets home.  Alot of people are talking about getting the Total gyms that they use here for leg presses etc at home so if anyone knows any contacts in the fitness industry we going to need to get one when we go back so will add that to the list of fundraising!  We have ordered a walker here and also he has been fitted for hand, arm and leg splints which should arrive in the next couple of weeks.  We have been given the details for the wheelchair people they use over here so we are going to try and set up an appointment with them as their offices are only 30 mins drive from here.  We will only get something here if it is spectacularly better than the UK due to maintenance issues. But worth talking to them to see what they have available here.  Despite the op as predicted he will always need to have a powered wheelchair as he is unlikely to be able to walk down a street independently so that is our next challenge.  But he continues to get stronger despite not having any appetite at all.  We are now trying the less fuss approach in the hope he will start eating something of substance.  Even chips are not doing the trick which is a miracle.

So I went to the airport to collect Mum and Josh and managed to get there at 4pm even though they werent due in until 5:36 pm (well thats what I thought!) for some reason I decided to completely make up the the time flight they were on so I stood there as all the passengers got off the 5:36 getting more and more stressed out that they hadnt come through.  I managed to bribe the United airlines office to look on the system and tell me what flight they were actually on, well  scare them with physco hysterical mother tears is probably more the case than bribe.  Anyway it worked and I have to say was quite hysterical at that point and they told me they were due on the plane to land at 6:15.  Any all was well with the world and finally Joshie and mum came through and we got back to the hotel.  Was so great to see him and he did so well and stayed up until nearly 10pm so about 4am UK time.  We had an SDR family BBQ planned last night so we were all out side watching the electrical storm and Josh was ensuring everyone knew he had arrived! and loving the american sirens. Dom was so excited to see them both and then promptly started pulling Joshs hair after 5 mins.  Could be a long 3 weeks!

Today, Saturday we ventured off to the Zoo which was great and saw Elephants, Lions, and great impromptu performance from 3 fighting hippos  was great to see them up close.  Can’t believe we have been such rubbish parents and never taken the boys to a Zoo!  We ended up walking miles so was lovely to come back and cool off with a swim and Dom dangled his feet as he is still not able to go swimming until next Tuesday and then it will be great therapy for him.  My mum going home tomorrow.  Has been great support having her here over that first stage and I think Dom will be shedding a few tears tomorrow.  Quiet day tomorrow planned ready to start a full week of therapy and hopefully lots of progress with his strength!

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