Post Op Day 4 – We meet Mad Michael

Dominic worked really hard today.  We had Physio at 9am and then again at 5pm.  He was struggling a bit sitting in his pushchair but once at physio not bad.  I think he is more scared than anything.  He has done all kinds today, thrown in a barrell to get sensation of rooling, excellent high kneeling, great sitting and knocking down towers built by Daddy and even took a couple of very supported tentative steps  – without any scissoring!!!  These are very early stages and he has a lot of work to strengthen his legs but has a fighting chance now seeing as the scissoring has gone.  We went up to the garden for a bit and he went shopping with Susie and came back with another balloon!  Got a couple of lovely e-cards thru the hospital  – thanks Chris L and Dave and Angela was lovely to receive them.

I have posted some videos of today sessions.  As much as you all love Dominic I am sure there is only so much sitting and knocking down blocks you can watch so I have mainly posted them for his doctors and phyios if they are checking in as they will find them more interesting.  They are good comparisons for a few weeks down the line.

After a 90min therapy session in the morning he can come home to his American home!  Can’t wait missed us all being together. 

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1 Response to Post Op Day 4 – We meet Mad Michael

  1. Sitting here with tears running down having just watched the videos, can’t begin to think how you guys must be feeling – it’ amazing. What dedication.

    Love to you all xxxxxxxxx

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