First day out of bed!

Physio started this morning and Dom was finally allowed out of bed.  Beth came to see us in our room and taught us how to lift Dominic out of bed without bending him or twisting him too much.  Was a little bit nerve wrecking but got him in his buggy.  He was not overly happy with it depiste being desperate to get out of bed and was in quite a bit of discomfort.  We were allowed to take him out for a max of 60mins but a min of 30 mins.  We went to the roof garden and down to the Cafeteria but we certainly didn’t last 60 mins.  He was not comfortable at all!  He had a break until 1:30 and then we took him down to the physio room on the 4th floor which is amazing Robyn you will want to replicate it at home!!!  And by coincidence his therapist today was also Robyn – very confusing!  We thought we would just do a tour of the room but oh no out of his buggy he came and she did some stretching with him and then making him roll over and over and then had him sitting up on a bench.  YOu can tell he is realy nervous about moving but I don’t think he is in huge amounts of pain but just stiff and scared about moving.  Hopefully the confidence will pick up in the morning.  Big news today Grandma Susie arrived!!  We were able to meet her at reception after Physio and Dominic and her proceeded to have a big love in all afternoon.  I think gary and I are now redundant!  I have finally broken free of the hospital campus for the first time in 4 days and brought mum back to the hotel to settle in while gary does night duty.  Dom very tired from getting up and all his skyping he did this morning so hopefully gary will get some sleep tomorrow.  Got to be in the physio room by 9am tomorrow so early start.  Will hopefully get some photos taken tomorrow and videos if he is happier.

BTW spoke to Joshie on Skype and he wasn’t remotely interested in me!  more interested in his lunch.  Clearly not missing me which I guess is a good thing but kind of annoying!!  Great haircut btw Auntie Sonia, he will be flying to ST lucia for yearly haircut when you move out there!

Have attached a video made by Dominic yesterday he was still abit groggy but slowly getting back to his normal self!

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1 Response to First day out of bed!

  1. Well what story, each morning the first thing I do is to log on for the next installment with eager anticipation, it makes very happy reading.
    You must be drained both phyically and emotionally. Mothers arrival should bring a little light relief and a shoulder on which to off load.
    Thinking of you all – give Dominic a really big hug

    Julian and Anne xxxxxxxxxx

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