Panic Over! Dominic’s personality has returned and guess what? he can clap properly!!!!

Today has been a good day today. He had a bit of a temp this morning but seems to have calmed down now. Dr Park Came to see him this morning and was extremely pleased with how much he was moving his legs and feet that he feels he has greater potential than he predicted before the op which is very exciting. Probably the most exciting moment today was Dominic clapped his hands properly this evening. Normally he claps by clapping his left hand on top of his right rather than palms together so this is great in our eyes and shows that the SDR has had an impact on his arms as well.
He has been full of beans today mostly because the Fentanyl has been stopped which was the drug making him pretty spaced out and irritable. He has been bargaining with Nurse Beth as to when he has his canula taken out and pretty much got us dancing to his tune. If we have to read Mr Tickle to him again gary and I will go mad! He finally got hold of his iPad off his Daddy and watched lots of Thomas the Tank engine and played games.

Dominic has made a video for you all but unfortunately we cannot get to YouTube from the hospital so will have to wait until Tuesday when we get back to the hotel!

He has not slept at all all day so hopefully he will crash out tonight seeing as I am on night duty tonight! He has taken a while to voluntarily drink but finally got there tonight with some milk but has managed to eat chips – surprise surprise, and for dinner polished off chicken, mash potatoes and Jello! Tomorrow at 10am he has his first PT session which will be mainly getting him up out of bed and teaching Gary and I how to lift him and then he has another session in the afternoon down in the therapy room. He is desperate to get up now so hopefully it wont be too painful and will be his determined self to get up and get on with what he wants to do, will be an interesting day. But of course one of the big highlights will be Grandma Susie’s arrival tomorrow afternoon, he must be so fed up of just seeing our faces day in day out and then the big one fo rme is I get to see Joshie on Skype!!  I have missed him sooo much and have not spoken to him on the phone so as not to upset him but having had a weekend with Auntie Sonia and her having explained everything to him about where we are she feels he understands fine and I am now allowed to speak to my son!?!?!?  Thanks Mum and Sonia for taking such good care of him!

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2 Responses to Panic Over! Dominic’s personality has returned and guess what? he can clap properly!!!!

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Sarah,Gary and Dom. Just want to let you know l am thinking about you all and wishing the next few days go really smoothly for you. I read all the post SDR blogs because Leos operation is in November and l guess its more research into what to expect etc You both know its going to be tough and fustrating over the next little while and l know that as parents watching Dom go thru the bad stuff will be tough just know you have given Dom the best chance to gain some independence and he will totally thank you one day. Well done to every single person who helped you to achieve this xx

  2. Jacqui Pearce says:

    Thats fantastic news about Dom clapping and that Dr Park is very impressed so far!!

    Well done Dom!!

    Sarah it will be lovely for you to chat to Josh it must feel so odd not to be talking to him but I think you did the right thing there!!

    Thinking of you all sooo much!! Lovely to see all the support of your Friends on Facebook and your blog.


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