Post Op Day 1 Part 1

Dom had a pretty good night in PICU.  He was slightly sick in the evning after having an ice chip but this is normal so we have avoided anymore!  He has been turned onto his side which makes him much more comfortable so he could suck his thumb.  When he came round abit last night he was crying and I asked him to tell me what was hurting, he said with a very turned down mouth ‘my finger’ holding out his index finger which had the ET like red light probe taped to it.  Good to see his acting skills haven’t diminished with all these drugs!  We have moved it to his toe anyway so it didn’t upset him anymore but we did all have a chuckle.  I went back to the Parkway hotel about ten whcih is attached to the hospital so I could get some kip and Gary did the night shift with Dom and he could get to play scrabble in peace!  Not entirely sure who this iPad has turned out to be for.  Was supposed to be playing Peppa Pig and fireman Sam!  Dom had a good night.  His SATS went down and temp up for a while but this is normal for such major surgery after some oxygen they soon picked up again.  The Doctors have already been round and confirmed that his catheter will come out this morning and he will go up to the ward this afternoon which is great.  Still not going to be able to pick him up for a cuddle for a couple of days but hopefully they will let me lay on the bed with him up on the ward.  Really odd not being able to pick up your crying child when you want to, is very frustrating!  Hopefully I will be able to post a more smiley photo of the brave one later.  Thanks for all your lovely messages xx

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2 Responses to Post Op Day 1 Part 1

  1. Wendy Snell says:

    We met at the Residence Inn pool on Saturday and you shared your amazing story with me as I watched one of the most beautiful, tender, precious, joyful scenes I have ever had the privilege of witnessing: your husband in the pool with Dom. I have been following your story since and just wanted to let you know that I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as I eagerly anticipate the next installment of your extraordinary journey.
    Thank you for letting me in on it,

    • Hi Wendy

      Thank you so much for getting in touch, Your words were lovely and I agree I love watching Gary with our boys he is such a wonderful dad. Dominic doing really well considering but feeling pretty rotten. He should pick up tomorrow once the drugs are reduced.
      I hope you are feeling as comfortable as possible in the heat. Good luck with the babies and thank you for following our story.

      Many best wishes to you and your family
      Sarah & Gary

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