Post op Day 1 last update today – I am pooped!

We are now settled into the 12th floor.  Not sharing a room at the moment which is lovely as can spread out a bit.  Dom been a little unhappy with life today.  Quite upset periodically and saying everything hurts but I think really he is just a bit shell shocked with it all and scared rather than in pain.  He doesnt want to drink anything but we will tackle that tomorrow and just let him sleep it off today.  He had his catheter taken out earlier and his legs just fell to the side when they went to put his nappy on which was exciting to see as we normally have to wrench his legs apart to get it on.  Really hope he picks up tomorrow we hate seeing him like this didn’t even seem that enamoured with the meter wide helium lightening mcqueen balloon i got him in fact I think it freaked him out a little.  Gary gone back to the hotel for some zzz’s and then I will go later to sleep over night there.  I want to stay tomorrow as they are weaning him off his fentanyl and vallium so I have feeling he is going to be even more grumpy tomorrow!!  Lets hope the arrival of Grandma Susie on Sunday will perk him up. 

Got my bearings today round the hospital and went to the roof garden on the 8th floor.  It was amazing despite being ridiculously hot it was so peaceful there and not like I have seen in an NHS hospital back home, plonked myself on a sun lounger in the shade and read my book for 30 mins – heaven!! and what looks like a great playroom for Dominic to explore when he is feeling better on Sunday.

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