Surgery tomorrow!

We had an early start for us today with the therapists appt for Doms pre op assessment and videos.  We took some of our own which I am trying to upload but not done it before so sorry if not very good!  I will only put 2 videos of him walking on here but if you search for Dominics fund on youTube you will see others of him sitting etc.

He was a star and tried really hard to do all that he was asked to.  Then we saw the doctor who checked him over and gave him a clean bill of health for the op which is good.  He has been faking coughs all morning the little monkey making Gary and I paranoid that they wouldn’t let him have the op! Apparently Dr Park is enhancing the surgery for Dominic and as well as cutting the lumbar nerves he is doing some of the ventral nerves as well which he doesn’t normally do and these will help target specifically the scissoring that he has trouble with.

Not sure why but his confidence levels have shot up since we have been here and has been coming out with the funniest things.  It has been good to spend some quality time with him even though we miss Joshie terribly!

The temp here today with the humidity is reaching 115 degrees so we had a quiet couple of hours back at the hotel and then went down to the fountains.  We put Doms trunks on and after killing our backs holding him in the water we came to the conclusion that it was best all round if we just surrendered and got in the water fully clothed!  Was really lovely though and nice relief from the sun.  We then had to walk a few blocks before we could get in the shuttle back to the hotel so our clothes dried off a bit.  I was not looking my best it had to be said!!

Dom now in bed ready for our 530am pick up in the morning.  he is due in for surgery at 1:30pm UK time (0730 US) so we will try and keep you updated but he will be in intensive care for about 24 hours so may not be able to post anything for a while.  I will put a few quick updates on his Dominics fund group on Facebook though and send a few texts to let poeple know he came out of op ok.  Will close now.  Just think next time I post our little man will have new legs!!!

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