Surgery Day Part 2

  We are now safe and sound in PICU.  Dom was a little distressed when he was moved up to intensive care but more because he was disorientated than in pain.  Kind of finished Gary and I off but he given some vallium and as you can see he is sleeping like a baby and trying to suck the finger probe!  Even though there is a really loud thunder storm outside.  I have posted this picture on here not to upset anyone but whilst we were preparing to come out and fundraising it is easy not to think about the op itself and when we saw other SDR kids at this stage in PICU it made it real for us about what we were embarking on and helped us to prepare for how he may look after in those initial stages.  So please don’t get upset as he is really comfortable and does not have hardly any swelling on his face that we were expecting.  I think this bit in PICU is going to be tougher than the waiting while he had the op but as long he can sleep as much as possible over the next 24 hours and is not in any pain we will be fine.  They showed us the scar and it is so neat it is amazing.  To think kDr Park can make such an impact on his condition just from that tiny cut.  It will be a couple of days before we really see any changes but these kids that have SDR have a habit of just turning a corner round day 4 or so.

Gary gone off to check in to the Parkway hotel which is attached to the hospital so we can have somewhere quiet to get some sleep in shifts over the next 48 hours. 

Can’t believe he has had the op now! I guess this is where the hard work begins!  Will update later xx

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