Quiet Day today

Today was our only day off before back in for physio assessments etc tomorrow so we decided to go to the Science Centre this morning.  Dominic loved the dinosaurs and the computers and sat beautifully on a stool to play with these magnetic wheels for ages. 

Called it a day after lunch and came back to the hotel and got some emails and Skyping done.  Miles raised the bar with his skype call this afternoon with entertainment and Edward the 57 yr old teddy guest starring!  Dom not stopped talking about it.

I actually got off my backside and went to the gym and Dominic had a mammouth 45 min swim.  Not sure how we going to keep him out of there for 2 weeks after the the op!  Having a quiet evening in the room today so Dominic can get good night sleep rather than flaking out in the bar downstairs!  9am appointment with the physios tomorrow, will let you know how it goes.

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3 Responses to Quiet Day today

  1. Emma Swain and all at Fledglings says:

    Hi Dom!!!

    Good luck for tomorrow darling we are all thinking about you at Fledglings and we miss you lots!!!

    Gary and Sarah keep your chins up, it’ll go fine I bet.
    Lovely to read your comments its the first thing I do when I get home!!!

    Good luck again

    From Emma and the Fledglings gang xxxxxxxxx

  2. Emma Swain and all at Fledglings says:

    Hello all,

    We are thinking about you lots and lots Dom and we miss you!!!!
    Good luck for tomorrow darling.
    So lovely to read your comments Sarah, its the first thing I do when I get home!!!!
    Good luck again and keep the faith!!!!!

    Love from Emma and all at Fledglings xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Emma
      Thanks for your comments it is lovely for us to get them when we log on too! Dom good and has been a star with all the different therapists. Just put him to bed as we are being collected at 530am ready for his surgery at 730 so going to be a long day. Say hi to all at Feldglings and give Joshie lots of cuddles and kisses I miss him terribly. Will hopefully see him on Skype at Gary’s sisters at the weekend.
      Thanks again for leaving a message
      Sarah & Gary & Big D!

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