The start of our St Louis Journey!

Well we finally arrived on Saturday evening after a very long journey but surprisingly was very stress free thanks to everyone in the various airports and on the planes.  thanks Charlie for being so helpful!! Dominic was a superstar all the way here.  He finally flaked out on the flight from chicago to St Louis but he did well to last that long!  The hotel is great got a 2 bed apartment so plenty of room for us all once Josh and Rachel come out. Dominic was up bright and early this morning at 4:30am!!  The only thing we had in the apratment was popcorn so manage to distract him with that and endless reading of Mr Men books until everyone else got going and I could take him for breakfast at 7.  He has already made his first friend.. Ruby who is 7 and having her op on Friday.  Her mum Paula and Aunt, Tracy are lovely and great that they are going to be here the same time as us.  Hopefully we can help each other to get out the other end in one piece.

We spent today getting our bearings and took the shuttle from the hotel to the city gardens where there are some great fountains that the kids can paddle in and run through.  Dom loved them so will be going back there on Tues with his and Gary’s trunks! 

We then took a stroll in the 95 degree heat to the Arch which is amazing.  It is sooo hot here and evidently it is due to get hotter this week,  Dom was like a zombie until we got into the air conditioned supermarket.  But we went back to the hotel for his swim date with Ruby which cooled him down again!

We have just had a drink with all the SDR families staying here.  They are all at various stages of pre or post op so has been really interesting to hear everyone elses stories and advice.  Really keen now to get to the hospital tomorrow for Dom’s assessment and to meet Dr Park and Joan to see what they have to say. 

So tomorrow is the start of what is going to be a very long, emotional, exciting and nerve wracking week but hopefully the start of a more comfortable life for Dom.  Bring it on!!

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1 Response to The start of our St Louis Journey!

  1. How is the riding coming on? Just been looking at Dominic on his first riding lesson again, he looks so sweet and happy.

    Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas xxxxxxxx

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