The Final event

Friday night was the final push for us to top up the coffers for Dominics fund and did we do it in style!  Preparation on the day was made so easy by the Wentworth staff so we were able to not get too stressed out prior to all our guests arriving.  We managed to pick s day when Heathrow Cargo had a fire and there were horrific traffic jams in all directions but everyone made a great effort to make it on time and apart from a last minute re jig of tables 2 minutes before we were due to sit down courtesy of 6 inconsiderate no shows! we were called into dinner not too late.  Stephen Dunnet did a fantatsic job of entertaining us whilst having our champers and throughout the dinner.  He really has been great throughout this and is incredibly talented.  We also had Stephen Magus driftin around doing mingling magic and table magic through out the night and was very very good.  The couple of tricks I saw I don’t know how he did.  If you are ever looking for a magician he is your man!!  my speech was a little wobbly but I didnt blub so that was my main aim ! a brief game of heads and tails followed which most people particpated in and was thrilled that one of my dads clients won the iPad that was kindly donated by Softcat.  Although he did have to check with his kids what it was and if it was cool! After our yummy starter Gary announced the winner of the mobile phone competition and was Sam Warne a friend of my sisters.  Her hubbie was a little narked as she had one a better version of his iPhone 4 which he had broken a couple of days before.  Not convinced he is gatting his hands on Sam’s!

During Dessert the raffle was drawn which generated a fantastic £3500 and some very kind winners put come prizes back in to auction for us which was lovely.  Thanks Kev and John.  Amy and JC then gave their Limewood win to My mum which was a lovely gesture.  Gary and I did our thank yous then to our mums and the wonderful Simon Gardner and Pete Jenkins and gary said some wonderful things to me in front of everyone.  It is no secret we have struggled throughout this fundraising period beccause I have been so stressed out and preoccupied so thank you Babe for standing by and putting up with my snapping and distinct lack of housewidely duties not that there were many anyway before.

Mike Pearce very kindly took photos through out the night which was great. Thank you Mike.  We will be putting them on line when ready for everyone to purchase should they wish to.

 The auction was hugely successful despite being gate crashed by some very drunk members wanting to get involved.  We had some great  prizes so thank you to everyone that donated them.  Ben Montague finally came on 40 mins late so thank you to him for being so patient we really appreciate it.  He was great and really started the dancing off!.  the dancing didnt stop until gone 1:30 and rounded off a wonderful evening that we will never forget.  Thank you to all that were involved in the planning and also those that attended.  We think we raised a massive £15000 on the night that has taken us way over our original target of £45k so thank you all for playing your part in that.  All funds now raised will be going to his Physiotherapy sessions when he comes back and his trip next year for his follow up appt in St Louis.  Photos will follow soon…..

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