Sackville School raise money for Dominic’s Fund by Jake White

Every term the school chooses a charity to focus on and for the summer term Sackville School chose “Dominic’s Fund”. The school’s student voice team (student council) chose Dominic’s Fund over many other charities as it was a local charity and really affected them. As such, students across the school have joined and have strived to reach the self imposed target of £5000.

Students have taken part in a non-school uniform day (with every student who came in non-school uniform donated £2 to the charity) which raised £1500-2000! Our year 7’s have a few lessons a fortnight dedicated to “enterprise” comprising of business studies and I.T. and as part of their lessons they needed to raise money for our chosen charity. With cakes sales, car washing and BBQs they raised over £200 and with a further cakesale by the year 7, they raised roughly £300 as a year.

Monopolising on the England vs. Slovenia football game the school projected the game in the main hall for students and staff and student voice ran a bbq and selling drinks and ice creams. The student voice also ran a sweepstake, so combined the world cup raised a further £300!

Our year 10 student voice group have helped organise and will run a disco to celebrate the end of the academic year, which again, if all goes well, create close to £300, but with all things, “if all goes well” does not always happen! There is a chance it may not go ahead due to logistical issues, which is a shame due to the massive effort of the year 10s.
With many assemblies, given by Gary and at times certain members of staff, awareness had been raised and collections were taken at various events raising more money for the charity. There have been many other events and fund raising ideas, which have been run, and I apologise that not all of them have been given credit!

However one of the main events the school ran was the brain child of a few enthusiastic staff members, dreamt up whilst on a geography field trip, once the idea was settled in their heads it grew and grew until it was made a reality, and as such…
Sackville cyclists cycle 80 miles in a day!

On Saturday the 3rd of July a group of 16 staff, ex students and friends took part in an 80 mile off road cycle along the South Downs Way. Setting off from Sackville School at 5.45 in the morning, two minibuses filled with cyclists, bicycles, food and energy drinks drove down to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Petersfield (20miles out from Winchester). By 7.50 all the participants were ready and set off on their 80 mile ride. Even early in the morning the sun was beating down and it looked like it was going to be a scorching day.
In the first 20 miles there were bikes broken (repaired with hasty field repairs) flat tyres, torn hamstrings, broken wrists and a few wrong turns taken, it was a foreboding start to a mammoth undertaking. By the half waypoint two cyclists had gone to hospital and another had to drop out, the rest of the group were really starting to feel it and there were lots of complaints of sore legs and tired cyclists. Luckily, the incentive of a nice cool drink at the Devil’s Dyke pub spurred on the participants and they rushed to the next checkpoint.

The final push to the end point exhausted all the cyclists with the first few finishing at around 20.45 and the last group coming in (after a rather large detour) at 21.45. Of the 16 that set off 12 finished the event, elated but tired the cyclists enjoy a well rewarded sleep on the minibus journey back. Thanks to all the minibus drivers and special thanks to Geraldine James and Mark James for their continued support, meeting us at each and every checkpoint driving close to 270 miles over the day and congratulations to all the cyclists they raised about £2000 in sponsorship!

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