Well dones and thank yous!

Had another great weekend and a couple more events ticked off the list. Bucket collection at Sainsburys went well Friday and Saturday. Gary stood at Sainsburys all day on his own (with the barcardi demo stand right next to him!!!!) and did really well and then Pat and I did Saturday with Cheryl joining us to help out. Huge thanks to all of you for giving up your time to help and to Louise & Sarah for having their Saturdays disrupted by looking after the boys for us. Thank you also to all the customers and staff at Sainsburys. Everyone has been so kind and coming up and wishing us well. It was the second time we had a collection there and did really well again so thank you for your generosity.
Dominic and Josh spent the day today with Auntie Ness Noss and Uncle Gary in Brighton to welcome Peter Cleary in from the London to Brighton Bike ride. He did really well and is so good of him to do it for Dom considering he had never met him and I understand has raised and enormous amount of money so thank you Peter and well done. Not much fun for Gary today on Fathers day as he had to work but got a cuddle with the boys tonight and chance to open his cards and pressies (well the boys opened them) before they crashed out exhausted by their busy weekend!

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