Busy Weekend! by Gary

This week we had the curry night on Friday 11th at Xquisite Indian Restaurant in East Grinstead. It was very successful,  good food and lots of it, I had lots of beer and there was a really good atmosphere,it was great fun. Steve Dunnett the singer who is going to be at Wentworth performed and he was really good.  We had a raffle and raised over £160.00 and the restaurant are going to make a donation as well as offering to have another day.

On Sunday 13th we had the parachute jump. Nine people in all did the jump my 70 year old mother, my sister Sonia, Marcus my nephew and his girlfriend Mia. Emma and Jade from the  nursery did it, two of Sarah’s cousins, Rhiannon and Kyle,Sarah’s niece Victoria  and a friend of our Lucas. It was a another glorious day with bright sunshine throughout. Thanks to all of those who did the jump and everyone said that they enjoyed it very much. We think we have raised over £5000.00 though these jumps so the fund raising is continuing to go well. We will publish some photos shortly although some of those who jumped have already posted them on facebook and they look awesome.

I have been to Sackville School the last two mornings to do a brief presentation about Dominic and the fund as they are going to do a number of fund raising events.  Although it was tiring as I was on nights and had to stay up to go straight there I think they went very well and one kid even said he wanted to do a sponsored climb of Snowdon !! Brave Lad !! I was impressed by how polite and well behaved the kids at the school are and I have a few more assemblies to attend to speak to the rest of the pupils.  I played Pete’s video at the end of my talk and it has an amazing impact.

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