Abseiling? been there done that!

Well  today was our abseiling event at EG Firestation.  What a great day it was!  Weather great, loads of people, great food alot of fun!  I managed to summon up the courage and aside from the harness being rather tight in areas I did make the leap and although thoroughly enjoyed is probably not the right choice of words I am really glad I did it.  The ladders to get up the tower were the hardest bit!  At lunchtime Anisa and her fiance had their hair completely shaved off courtesy of JC from Guy Kremer in Winchester.  How brave is she, what a star thank you Anisa such a brave thing to do!  We have raised loads of money for Doms fund so thank you everyone..  Probably the most important and perhaps neglected part of the day is that it was our Joshie’s 2nd Bday today.  He is so special to us and does somethimes get sidelined with Dominic’s fundraising but Joshie we will make it up to you somehow and Mummy and Daddy love you so much!!

Now we can get on with the packing up and moving back home tomorrow.  Builders will still be there for another couple of weeks and lift wont be in for few weeks but will be great to get home!

Next event Golf Day for anyone that is interested!

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