Amazing Few Weeks

This has been an amazing few weeks. Donations have been coming in steadily even though we were concentrating on organising the events that we had coming up. Now various events have come and gone and we are really starting to see the fruits of our (and several other peoples )labour. The coffee morning on 23rd April was very successful raising over £250.00, big thanks to Wendy for that. Paul Cheeseman completed his 24 hour bike ride from East Grinstead to Edinburgh then Cardiff, London and back to East Grinstead with time to spare and a sore behind. A couple of days before that he also sat outside Sainsbury’s for a day getting sunburnt and collecting money. Altogether he has raised over £1000.00 and also introduced me to the Prince of Wales pub which I am very happy about. Well Done Paul. The quiz tickets are selling very well although the abseil and the golf tickets are not exactly flying off the shelves although we have some time to make a big effort on these. We spent a few days collecting at Sainsbury’s ourselves and the results were amazing. We collected over £2000.00 in three days. People were so generous and so kind in giving money and their best wishes for Dominic going forward. It was very tiring but also very nice to meet lots of nice people. Thanks to all the people who helped us, all the family and friends who spent time holding collection buckets or looking after the boys while we held collection buckets and thanks to all the people who gave money.

The Lions East Grinstead May Day Fayre on the 3rd May was also very good, lots of people tried to win the car. Unfortunately no one won the car but again it was nice to meet loads of nice people. We raised around £900.00 through the car and the raffle. Thanks again to all those who helped, to the Crawley Down Group for donating the car and for all those who had a go at winning the car or bought raffle tickets. We have had some excellent recent publicity with all these events and Paul was interviewed on Meridian FM and Sarah on Mercury FM.

Both the boys have been on very good form recently although they have both had chicken pox and while Josh was no problem Dominic was very much under the weather and felt very sorry for himself. Both are absolutely fine now though although a bit non-plussed about all the activity at home at the moment. Dominic still continues to amaze on a daily basis with his speech and Joshua has the energy of about twenty people ( Although that could be just me getting old ). Josh’s speech is coming on and he continues to be rather strong willed !!! Dominic has really got the hang of steering on his bike now and has great fun on it.

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