A Challenging Week

This week has been challenging for a number of reasons. We received fantastic news as Sarah’s boss made a very generous donation to the fund and the East Grinstead Lions also pledged a significant amount if we meet our initial £40K target. They are also letting us have a stall at the May Fair. Being realistic even £45K will not be enough as Dominic will need physio when he returns which we will have to pay for so we just need to raise as much as possible. We also had a positive meeting with a very nice man from the Rotary Club and we are waiting for him to come back to us. However the response to the news articles has not been as good as we initially hoped but some private donations have started to trickle in and we are hoping this will pick up. One lady who is 101 years old sent us £5.00 and it is really touching that her and others have felt touched by Dominic and sent us money. E mails have also gone out to my work and whilst a few people have responded I had hoped for many more. The uptake on the Easygiving website does not appear to be great and I think this is not going to be the success we hoped, but we shall see.

Planning for various events is ploughing on and Peter and Sarah Jenkins are doing some amazing work. They have almost finished organising the quiz night and Pete has produced a video which is guaranteed to make you cry set to a very beautiful track and the writer/singer has very kindly given us his permission to use his work. We now have events lined up for May, June and July. We have a coffee morning on 23rd April and are working on getting some more events organised for April. Sarah has taken on an immense load of the fund raising and her phone and laptop appear to be surgically attached. Dominic’s facebook group is picking up and we need people to send this to as many people as possible.

Had another radio interview with Meridian FM and they also want to do follow up. Also managed to secure a hall for free where Dominic can ride his bike once a week in good conditions. He hasn’t been yet but I am sure he will enjoy being in a different environment on his bike and we can work on his steering which at the moment is not great although I think he understands the concept.

Dominic has been in good form all week. He is very aware something is going on but is not sure what. He has had a good week at Ingfield and went to nursery on Friday as an extra day as I was on nights and Sarah was at a conference. We were all home this weekend for a change and although Saturday was rained off Sunday was a beautiful day. We went to the park and had great fun on the swings and slide, Dominic rode his bike and then we went out for another walk and Dominic rode again. By the end of the day he was shattered but it is very good exercise for him. He is becoming more and more cheeky and refused to call me daddy insisting on calling me “Gary” at one point. Although he enjoys the park in some ways it really hits home because Josh was away off up the steps and down the slide and Dominic has to be carried and lifted, a task which is becoming harder and harder as he gets bigger.

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