An interesting day

Today, Monday 15th March, was a very interesting day. We have now been aware that Dominic was accepted for the surgery for about a week and a half and the enormity of the surgery and the amount of money we need to raise is starting to sink in. Initially we were disappointed with the results of the Newspaper article in the East Grinstead Observer which came out this week but we have now started to get a few people coming forward. Someone has offered a sponsored motorbike ride, someone else is running a coffee morning and someone else has offered to organise a quiz night. The girls at Fledglings nursery are ploughing on with the jumble sale, the open day and two of them are doing the parachute jump. Sarah Jenkins is organising our first quiz night on May 8th so things are moving on. The easygiving site gives great deals and there is even free stuff where Dominic still gets a donation but the uptake seems quite slow so far.

We had a reporter from BBC South East News come to the house to do some filming and Dominic was a natural although he was hard pressed by my mother and sister who were trying to muscle in in their desperation to be film stars. Can’t criticise them too much as they are both doing parachute jumps, my mum is 70 and my sister hates heights so good on them. (Joshua just ignored everyone and ran around eating biscuits and wrecking the house). The article on the news was very brief but hopefully will lead to some more donations and or offers of prizes and other things. The reporter was really nice, very friendly. I also did my first ever radio interview today for BBC Sussex Radio which was interesting and apparently Dominic was totally freaked when he heard my voice coming out of the radio. He was not as impressed by the recording of the news however and insisted on watching Peppa Pig instead ! I was also approached by two more radio stations to do two more interviews in the morning. Straight off a night shift it should be tiring but an opportunity which cannot be missed.

Dominic had a brief go on his bike today and since we have had the adaptions done to it he seems to be finding it much easier to use. He enjoys it so much it is a pleasure to see and gives him some independence as well as him being in an upright postion where he has a better perspective. I went to see a hall today where he could ride his bike on a surface where it is easier for him to pedal. Initially we thought we would have to pay for this but they very kindly agreed to waive the charges so this will be good for him to use both pre and post op.

Funnily enough now that we have been accepted for the surgery one of the consultants in the NHS has started mentioning alternatives to the SDR surgery and while we feel that we get treated very well within the NHS and have no complaints generally it is just a bit curious that this only comes up now. Before this we were offered botox, oral drugs and orthopaedic surgery as our only alternatives. We do not have closed minds however and if something would compliment the surgery or prove to be a less instrusive alternative that would achieve the same results we would have to consider it.

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