Welcome to Dominics Fund


Dominic is a funny, cheeky and most importantly inspirational 10 year old who just so happens to have Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy with Cerebral Visual impairment. He is a fulltime one armed drive wheelchair user and requires 24/7 help for getting around and all his personal care needs.

Dominic has made it to the final year of his mainstream primary school which has been such a success and we are so glad we made the decision to persevere with this route.  He will be going to a specialist secondary school for children with physical disabilities in September 2017 as we feel that it will be the best place to assist his transition into  becoming a confident and independent young man.  Just like every 10 year old he wants mum and dad to do everything for him so it will do him good to learn how to do some things for himself.

He has had a busy couple of years since the last fundraising effort for his Hydrotherapy pool.  There has been a lot of swimming! He has gone through cubs and is now a scout which he loves going to.  As a family we have joined the Southern Ski Club for the disabled and Dom now skis in a sit ski cart that he steers himself once a month. Dom also attends a drama group for children with additional needs and will be performing on stage with his group in November.

Dominic continues to receive specialist therapy 4 times a week and he also now has specialist swimming lessons once a week to help his fitness and his swimming style.

Because Dominic is older and more aware we have tried to limit the fundraising we do especially in the public eye but unfortunately sometimes the amounts we need to find for equipment is just beyond what we can find on our own.  We are constantly finding ways to maintain his hydrotherapy and keep his pool up and running as this has been paramount to his health and fitness.  We have also now had to look at buying him a powerchair.  Please see the page Project Powerchair for further details.  Thank you so much for your continued support and kindness you show to Dominic and us as a family it means so much to us.


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